Weekend Pick-up Special

Pick up Friday between 10am - 5pm and Return Monday between 9am - 2pm

Call for info about middle of the week pick-ups.

It's Simple

  • Come to our Warehouse in Covington, GA, with a pick-up truck, minivan, SUV, or trailer cleared of debris.
  • We'll load your rental for you.
  • You set up the unit(s) at your event with the help of our easy set-up videos.
  • Bring your rental back to our Warehouse and we'll unload it for you.

Inflatable Movie Screens

Our Movie Screens, and Movie Systems are available for 24 hour Pick-up. If needed for a Saturday OR Sunday event, you can pick up Friday and return Monday for no additional rental day charges.

Extended Weekend Pick-up

Extended Weekend Pick-up only applies if you order in advance.

If you order the Extended Weekend Pick-up, you can not cancel at or after pick-up. We will not apply the special to your rental if you call during the weekend of your rental to keep the unit(s) an extra day. Standard additional day rate is 50% of the unit price.

Keep the rental(s) an additional day for a small price.

Extended special does not apply to Laser Tag System or Movie Screen Systems.

Unit Price Extra Day Price
$135 or less $35
$126 - $200 $45
$201 - $250 $65
$251 - $325 $75
More than $325 $125
Rental Extra Day Price
Concessions Machine $15
Table $2
Chair $.50
Carnival Game $10
Generator $50