Folding Chairs
Adult - $1.25
Kiddie - $1
We rent folding tables and folding chairs along with our inflatable jumpy castles and slides.  Pick up tables and chairs
with your moonbounce rental in Covington.  Whether you are coming from Stockbridge or McDonough, renting a jumpy
thing in Loganville or Conyers, you can get tables, chairs, moonwalk, inflatable slides all at the same time.  We serve
Lithonia, Stone Mountain, Monroe and Madison, Monticello and Jackson.  Save time when you rent a jump bouncer with
us by picking up the tables and chairs at our Covington location.  Our Newton County warehouse location is convenient
to Walton County, Henry County, Rockdale County and DeKalb County.
Tables and Chairs
Our Kiddie Chairs are ONLY $1 a chair
Our Kiddie 4' Tables are $5 each

These chairs are great for children parties, from birthday parties to school festivals. Our chairs are always clean and stable. And of course,
they're only for $1!

How can this deal get any better? If you pick up these kiddie tables and chairs from our warehouse, you may keep them for the weekend!! You
won't find a better deal. Call us today to rent some chairs (FOR ONLY A $1) for your next children's party.

To accompany our kiddie chairs, we also have kiddie tables. Our tables are ONLY $5 a table. These adjustable tables can stand up to 4ft tall.
Kiddie table DIY setup with baby kid chairs
6 foot long rectangle foldinbg tables for rents
Adjustable height folding tablesaffordable to rent near Covington Georgia
4 foot tall rectangle kiddie table adjustable folding table for rent
6' Folding Tables
Fits 6 chairs.
4' Folding Tables
  • Fits 4-6 chairs
  • Adjustable height
  • Kiddie chairs at lowest
    height, adult chairs at
    middle height, stand
    at tallest height
Adult chairs
  • Beige
Kiddie chairs
  • Blue
  • Red
  • White
Get in touch:
(770) 787 - 1869  Phone
(888) 537 - 9856  Fax

Visit us:
11045 Bobby Williams Parkway
Covington, GA   30014
I-20 Exit 92 (Alcovy Road)
Pick-up for the Weekend        Pick up an inflatable from our warehouse and keep it for the weekend
Adult and kiddie sized folding chairs affordable to rent near Covington
Foldable affordable picnic table kid's party tables summer picnic
mini folding tables kid's picnic table
Folded affordable trasportable picnic tables for kids
3' Kiddie Picnic Tables
  • Fits 4 children
  • Folds flat
  • Lightweight for easy