Slide Rentals in
Dekalb County, Georgia
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Rent an Inflatable Slide in
Dekalb County, Georgia
Although we do not deliver, it
is well worth the drive from
Dekalb County to Covington
to pick up a slide with our
48-hr weekend pick-up
We know it's far, but hear us out. We have backyard water slides, giant inflatable water slides, and long slip-n-slides, perfect for that hot summer day in Dekalb
County, Georgia.  Our units are all
under two years old and cleaned after every use, so you're guaranteed a like-new unit when you rent from us.
Backyard inflatable slides reach up to 15' tall, while the tallest reach heights of 19'. Our slip-n-slides reach up to 50' long, with two lanes, so you can go it alone
or have a race with your friends at your next Dekalb County summer party. Both kids and adults can enjoy our inflatable slides, waterslides, and slip-n-slides.
The water slides can be used as wet or dry slides, if you don't want to put on a bathing suit during your Dekalb County event. So what makes it worth the drive?
Firstly, the cleanliness, safety, and price of our rentals. Most companies will give you a cheap, low quality, dirty unit. Ours are pristine and kept in good condition,
and most importantly, for an affordable price. Secondly, zooming down a giant waterslide with your friends is just cool. So come see us!
48- hr Weekend Pick-up        Pick up an inflatable from our warehouse and keep it 48 hours
Get in touch:
(770) 787 - 1869  Phone
(888) 537 - 9856  Fax

Visit us:
11045 Bobby Williams Parkway
Covington, GA   30014
I-20 Exit 92 (Alcovy Road)
Rent an Inflatable Slide Giant Water Slide in Dekalb County Georgia