Slide Rentals in
Conyers, Georgia
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Rent a Slide in Conyers
We have every shape and size slide. We have small waterslides, tall waterslides, and long slip-n-slides,
perfect for a hot summer day or humid fall weekend out in Conyers. Our units are all under two years old
and cleaned after every use, so you'll never fail to recieve a like-new unit when you rent with us.  Small
slides reach up to 15' tall, while the tallest reach heights of 19'. Our slip-n-slides reach 30' and are double
lanes, so you can zoom down alone or have a race with your friends. Kids and adults have the time of their
lives our waterslides and slip-n-slides. The water slides can be used as wet or dry slides, if you don't want to
put on a bathing suit.  We guarantee that these slides are a great addition to any party.  
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11045 Bobby Williams Parkway
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