Kiddie Cash Cube
Kiddie Cash
Why does everyone love cash machines? Because of the cold hard cash, cash, cash! We all love it and whoever you're getting one of our Cash
Cubes for, is going to love the money prize and have fun too. The Cash Cube inflates in just 20 seconds. Once inflated, start putting the cash in
and you are ready to play!

The money (or whatever paper item you are using) will fly around the cube. It flies to the window, to the wall, to the ceiling and to the floor. It
will blow wildly around the unit. Two people stick their hands in the two openings on both sides and try to catch the flying cash as it whizzes by.

The Cash Cube is great for parties, school events, church festivals, corporate events, anything! And you don't have to put cash inside. For the
school parties, put in "No Homework" coupons or for giveaways for grand openings. You could even stuff the cash cube with coupons to your
store! Whatever you put in the cash machine, it's sure to be a lot of fun!
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