This is one is perfect for those wonderful
parties that are just for wet fun!

Who doesn't love Slip n Slides? They're always
fun and people of all ages can play for hours!
Our Pink Slip n Slide is perfect for your next
summer party! Have you ever used a slip n
slide that just laid on the ground? And when
you slide into it, did you get grass and mud all
over you? You don't have to worry about it with
ours. We have an inflatable Slip n Slide. It
keeps you off the ground for a cleaner, faster,
and more fun slide! Our inflatable slip n slide is
great for a daughter's birthday party, or it can
bring fun for the adults. Church events,
birthday parties, corporate events! The Slip n
Slide is sure to bring the fun, wherever you
take it.

Conyers, Covington, Jersey, Loganville,
Mansfield, Monroe, Newborn, Oxford,
Porterdale, Shady Dale, Social Circle, and more
to pick up from our warehouse in Covington,
GA. Please, call us today!!!
Pink Slip n Slide
Summer Fun Slip N Slide Water Slide
Pick-up for the Weekend        Pick up an inflatable from our warehouse and keep it for the weekend
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(770) 787 - 1869  Phone
(888) 537 - 9856  Fax

Visit us:
11045 Bobby Williams Parkway
Covington, GA   30014
I-20 Exit 92 (Alcovy Road)
Rent a Dual Lane Palm Tree Slip n Slide water slide in Conyers Georgia
Rent a Dual Lane Slip n Slide Water Slide in Covington Georgia
Palm Slip n Slide
Multi Colored Slip n Slide
Water Drain Flap + Air Deflation
Zipper  = $135 Value!!!