Inflatable Gaga Ball Pit
  • $125
  • Recmd Age: all
  • Width: 20'
  • Length: 20'
  • Height: 4'
  • Weight: 75 lbs.
  • Setup Time: 5 min
  • Space Req: 25' x 25'
  • Pwr Req: 1-120vac 20 amp
  • Setup: 1-2 people
  • Breakdown: 1-2 people
Gaga ball is the hottest new game! Play a round of gaga ball
in our inflatable, easy to transport, pit. Gaga ball is a hit
among teens and small children alike. It's similar to
dodgeball, with the exception you can only hit a player
below the knees, and the ball is constantly moving! Play
this fast paced game with a couple of friends or a huge
group. It's great for parties of all themes and sizes.

Our new Gaga inflatable pit is the ultimate outdoor game!
This game of Gaga Ball is inflated by one our smaller,
quieter blowers, and once it is inflated, gaga ball becomes
a brand new experience.
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Not to be used as a bouncer--no jumping on inflatable Gaga Pit
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1. One player tosses the ball up in the air. Players yell "Ga" on the first bounce
and "Ga" again on the second bounce, and the ball is then in play.

2. Players hit the ball with their hands only, and may not carry or throw the ball – it
must be punched or hit with an hand or fist. Only one successive hit is allowed by
each player.

3. Any player who is touched by the ball below the knees (or waist), either directly
or by a rebound off the wall, is “out” and then must exit the gaga pit. If the ball
contacts the player above the waist, the player is still in.

4. If the ball goes out of the Ga-Ga pit, the last player to touch the ball is

5. If a player catches the ball before it bounces, the player who had the last
contact with the ball is eliminated.

6. Once the player hits the ball, he or she must wait until the ball touches
someone else before hitting it again (no double touches). Only one successive hit
is allowed by each player.

7. If there are only two players remaining, a player may hit the ball up to 3 times in
a row. The ball is "rejuvenated" by contact with the wall, and the hit count resets.

There are plenty of variations to these rules, and like many other playground
games, you can certainly make your own house rules to make the game more
interesting and fun.
Gaga Ball Game Rules:
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